Naked Short Selling

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Seal of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Securities & Exchange Commission recently fined the Chicago Board Options Exchange for short sales abuses according to the Wall Street Journal. What is short selling?  Here is a description from the Journal:

In a short sale, stock is borrowed and sold, with the seller hoping to profit if the share price falls and the stock can be bought back at a lower price to return to the lender. In a naked short sale, the seller promises shares to a buyer without borrowing them.

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Two options traders and their broker-dealers charged by the Securities and Exchange. Commission  In a naked short sale, however, a seller (through its broker) does not borrow or arrange to  that naked short selling can be used to manipulate the price of securities by  SEC deemed the sales to be “naked short sales.9 
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The SEC Adopted Regulation SHO in 2004 to Address Naked Short Selling and  The Securities and Exchange Commission’s regulation of short sales has changed  A sale of a security is a “short sale” when the seller does not own
Jul 29, 2009  On July 27, 2009, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued a  is taking to regulate and promote the transparency of short sale activities.  abusive “naked short selling practices and reduce fail to deliver positions.  any fail to deliver position resulting from short sales in any equity security by short-selling-rules-07-29-2009/
In October, the U.S. and Canadian emergency measures against short sales of  In this article, we describe the SEC’s ban on naked short selling, which  In a “ naked short sale, the short seller does not formally borrow the security (i.e. under Section 10(b) of the Exchange Act to address deceptive short selling practices.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday took various actions aimed at abusive short selling activity. In particular, the SEC: (i) issued an 
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Mar 17, 2008  Naked short selling refers generally to selling short without having  “A broker or dealer may not accept a short sale order in an equity security from another person,  Short Sales, Securities Exchange Act Release No.…/tbl_ s29Publications%5CFileUpload5686%5C2572%5CSEC_Proposes_Naked_ …
Sep 18, 2008  Securities and Exchange Commission Issues New Rules on Short Selling  manipulative short-selling(often referred to as “naked short selling).  to deliver all securities involved in a short sale by the close of business trades must pre- borrow securities before effecting short sales until the fail is resolved. short-selling-09-18-2008/
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On July 27, 2009, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced several actions designed to protect against “abusive” short sales and to make more short sale information available to  and potentially abusive “naked short selling.2…/SEC_Makes_Naked_Short_Sale_Rule_Permanent.pdf
Jul 17, 2008  SEC Issues Emergency Order Restricting the “Naked Short Selling of  pursuant to Section 12(k)(2) of the Securities and Exchange Act of  naked short sales in the securities of 19 substantial financial firms.[1] The Order prohibits any person from effecting a short sale[2] in a publicly traded security of any 
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SEC EMERGENCY ORDER ON “NAKED SHORT SELLING. On July 15, 2008, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) issued an extraordinary and…/tbl_ s29Publications%5CFileUpload5686%5C2668%5CSEC_Emergency_Order…




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