Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laws

IAI Heron 1 UAV in flight. Location: NAVAL AIR...

IAI Heron 1 UAV in flight. Location: NAVAL AIR STATION, FALLON, NEVADA (NV) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


State legislatures are buzzing with drone laws. According to the Boston Globe, 43 states “have passed or are considering legislation to regulate the use of unpiloted aerial vehicles or drone aircraft.”  The National Conference of State Legislatures has put together a helpful guide on Unmanned Aircraft Systems Legislation.

For law firm commentary on drones, visit LawFirmSearchEngine.com:

Feb 11, 2013  In the past year, the sale of drones in the United States has  The FAA now forecasts that unmannedaircraft will be a $94-billion dollar 
Feb 22, 2013  On February 14, the FAA released its information request for unmanned aircraft system (UAS) research and test sites, under which the FAA is 
Mar 6, 2013  A UAS is an unmanned aircraft system, essentially a fancy name for a  Drones have a very particular reputation when used by the military; not 
“Look Out Below!” — Regulating the Domestic Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems. Sep.28.2012. On September 14, 2012, GAO released a report on unmanned 
Apr 9, 2013  Former seven-term congresswoman and Under Secretary of State Ellen O. Tauscher discusses with Politico how the public’s image of drones 
Washington, DC. Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International. Thomas Kern, an Associate in Benesch’s Litigation Practice Group, will be speaking.
In the first of a new series entitled “Law In Action”, Joshua Rozenberg talks to Sir Daniel Bethlehem QC, the former principal legal advisor at the Foreign Office.
Aug 1, 2012  Restrictions on the export and international sale of unmanned vehicle systems, components and parts, software, and technical data/technology 
Former seven-term congresswoman and Under Secretary of State Ellen O. Tauscher discusses with Politico how the public’s image of drones has been 
m.bakerdonelson.com/ellen-o-tauscher-comments-in-politico-on-public- perceptions-of-drones-04-09-2013/
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
May 13, 2013  National interest in drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)—the domestic kind envisioned for. U.S. skies, not the military kind overflying Af 
http://www.nixonpeabody.com/…/156988_drones_FAA_modernization_reform_ act_bloomberg_cloar_may_2013.pdf
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